Attila the Hun Show Poster
By Abby Howells
Directed by Alex Wilson
19 - 22 September 2018, Underground Market

Venturing into a fast food restaurant past midnight might feel like you are entering into a dangerous, alien world.

But spare a thought for the poor souls who have to flip the burgers for the drunken masses. Spare a thought for those who cannot fix the milkshake machine when accosted by skinheads at the drive-thru counter.

Spare a thought for those who cannot stop Banksy-wannabes drawing male genitalia on corporate advertising. Spare a thought for those who believe they are the legendary warrior Attila the Hun, true leader of the late night crew.

At the tail end of its highly acclaimed inaugural programme, Dunedin’s newest theatre company Arcade signs off 2018 with this locally written fast food farce.