No Exit Show Poster
By Jean-Paul Sartre
Directed by Shaun Swain
02 - 07 November 2020, 7pm, Mary Hopewell Theatre

A pitch-black comedy set in a single room, more specifically, Hell. Three complete strangers are left alone with each other, with seemingly no reason why they ended up in Hell. It looks like Hell isn't exactly what they expected it to be. There's no link between them, no mirrors, no windows, no means of turning the lights off and more importantly: No Exit. Welcome to Hell, we hope you "enjoy" your stay.

Director Shaun Swain completed a diploma at The Director’s Programme in Auckland in 2019. Arcade is thrilled to bring this classic play to the stage, updated for modern audiences, thematically tying it to the successful NBC comedy The Good Place. In today’s increasingly fractured political world, this black comedy comments on how we treat each other, create divisions and cause unnecessary suffering and duress. No Exit is not only timely but may offer a cathartic release.