Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Show Poster

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

"..adds to Arcade Theatre’s growing reputation for professional-quality, innovative theatre."

"..under Wilson’s astute direction, Graham and Martyn certainly do some magnificent work."

Me and My Sister Tell Each Other Everything Show Poster

Me and My Sister Tell Each Other Everything

"Schrader and Kennedy are both experienced, polished actors who give charmingly zingy performances."

"Both performances achieve considerable emotional depth and complexity."

The Bald Soprano Show Poster

The Bald Soprano

"Realism is utterly abandoned and we have exactly what Ionesco wanted"

"Every performance is admirable. The action often threatens to explode right off the stage and into the audience."

HarleQueen Show Poster


"Every moment of this journey has been a delight, as our indisputable Queen of Fools comes to the realisation that indeed she can make comedy."

Attila the Hun Show Poster

Attila the Hun

"Well-crafted, beautifully delivered and full of laughter and depth, Attila the Hun is a razor sharp commentary on the pressures of modern life."

"Attila the Hun is hilarious, clever, highly physical and a caustic satire of the fast-food industry."

The Lieutenant of Inishmore Show Poster

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

"..proof that provocative, energetic theatre can still be offered in Dunedin"

" extreme a blend of nastiness and absurdity as you are ever likely to see."

The First Time Show Poster

The First Time

"All performances are so accomplished that at times it is hard to remember that we are, in fact, watching actors."

Fold Show Poster


"The awfulness of the characters she has written provoke simply because we know these people or we can feel some of their darkness in ourselves, however deeply buried."

"Arcade aims to provide young practitioners with challenging roles, and audiences with experiences beyond the usual scope of more conventional providers. The creative team who produced Fold have done just this, and I look forward to their next productions."